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Warm Bathing Helps Cure Colds, Myths or Facts

There is a health myth that says that taking a hot bath can cure colds, but is it really effective in treating colds? Let's look at the facts in the following review. Colds are disorders of the upper respiratory tract that can make sufferers feel nasal congestion. Colds are generally caused by a viral infection, but can also be due to irritation and allergic to something, such as cigarette smoke and dust. In addition to nasal congestion, colds can also be accompanied by sore throat, sneezing, coughing, and mild fever. When having a cold, children will be more fussy because they feel uncomfortable and difficult to rest. Link Colds with Warm Baths Children are more likely to catch colds, because their immune system is not as good as adults. Well, when a child has a cold, parents will usually try to do the treatment independently at home to overcome it. One of them is bathing children with warm water. But you need to know, any home care, including taking a hot shower, cannot cu
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The Role and Impact of Carbon Dioxide on the Human Body

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a waste gas produced as a result of cell metabolism in the body. This gas is bound to red blood cells and flowed into the lungs, then is exhaled by exhalation. Although it is a waste gas, the presence of carbon dioxide is still important for the body. This gas acts to regulate blood acidity (pH) and support the respiratory process. If the body is deficient or excess amount of carbon dioxide, acid base balance disorders and carbon dioxide poisoning can occur. In addition to being produced from the process of cell metabolism in the body, this gas is also found in factory fumes, vehicle fumes, smoke from burning waste or waste, and volcanic fumes. How to find out carbon dioxide levels in the body In the human body, carbon dioxide comes in two forms, namely gas (PCO2) and bicarbonate compound (HCO3). This bicarbonate compound is a chemical form of carbon dioxide that is bound in the blood. Almost all carbon dioxide in the body is in the blood, so a common way

Mother, This is an Easy Way to Overcome Your Baby's Dry Lips

Dry and cracked lips can not only occur in adults, but also in children. Before causing discomfort or further disturbance, let's find out ways to overcome them. Dry lips in children are sometimes difficult to avoid. This is usually caused by lack of body fluids or dehydration, licking habits, and too hot weather. Various Ways to Moisturize the Lips The first thing you need to know to deal with dry lips in children, is to keep it moist and avoid dehydration. Here are some ways you can do to deal with a child's dry lips: Drinking water regularly Getting your child to drink water regularly is the first thing you can do to deal with dry lips. Drinking water regularly will make your little one avoid dehydration and make the skin stay healthy. Mother can also remind your child to drink water, before and after the move. Consumption of vegetables and fruit To overcome the dry lips on the Little One, Mother can also get used to eating vegetables and fruit regularly. Th